Bennington Slatted Flag

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Since every Fire For Effects, LLC flag is made to order please take the following timelines into consideration when placing your order.

Bennington Slatted Flags: 2-4 Weeks

    Our  Medium Slatted Flag Dimensions are  37" X 19.5", Small Slatted Flag 24" X 13", and is approximately 13/16” in thickness. Every Flag has its own story and the entire process from milling, kiln drying, planing, laser engraving, torching/painting and final assembly are done by us.  A vast majority of our lumber we haul out ourselves from Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin.  Specific types of wood are available upon request, I prefer to build with solid hardwoods when available.  Our flags are fully customizable to include colors, burning techniques, personalized laser engraving and are 100% Veteran Made.